Nearly Universal Principles of Projects

NUPP is a collection of nearly universal principles of projects: those we’d do well to follow in all projects, regardless of the methodologies and approaches that we use, to maximize our success.

Each of the available resources and methods for running projects relies on some of these NUPs (nearly universal principles). However, the following points need to be borne in mind:

  • It’s usually not all of them, and it would be helpful for practitioners to consider all NUPs instead of a subset.
  • The underlying principles are usually not made clear enough in resources and methods, and most practitioners are so engaged in practical details that they forget about principles and do things that are not compatible with them.

NUPP is compatible with all the major methods, systems, resources, and frameworks such as PRINCE2®, PMBOK® Guide,, DSDM®, XP, and Scrum. It may not be compatible with certain interpretations of those systems, though, and that’s where NUPP tries to encourage practitioners to reconsider their interpretations.

NUPP is a collection of the following NUPs:

Version 1, June 2019

استارتاپ در حوزه اینشورتک و کراودفاندینگ

به زودی از دو استارتاپ یکی در حوزه کراودفاندینگ و دیگری در حوزه اینشورتک رونمایی خواهیم کرد